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The government plays a crucial role in helping in helping Kiwis get from A to B. It builds roads, helps to pay for public transport and takes freight across the country through KiwiRail, the state-owned rail operator. But opinions differ on priorities. Should roads remain king, or do congestion, climate and new technologies mean we need to rethink how we travel?

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Freight and Regional Transport

NZ’s state highways are the arteries linking the regions and the cities. Some say the number of trucks is making it unsafe for other travellers. One alternative backed by some parties is an upgrade of regional rail services.

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Urban Transport

How bad is this traffic? Once just a refrain from Aucklanders, now Wellingtonians, Cantabrians and others complain about how long it takes to get around their cities. Some say the fix is more and better roads. Others say public transport is not only the better answer, but an opportunity to make cities cleaner and safer.