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Something’s up with housing — it’s a ‘crisis’ or a ‘challenge’, depending on who you ask. House prices and rents are rising faster than wages. There’s a shortage of social housing for those who can’t afford to rent or own their own place. And thousands are living rough, with many more living in temporary or insecure situations.

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Housing Affordability

Home ownership rates have fallen to a historic low and many attribute this to a lack of affordable housing. But how did we get here and what do we do about it? Together the parties point to almost everything under the sun, from consenting rules to immigration to tax.

what the parties will do about


With rising house prices, renting is becoming the norm for many, and more than half of people over 15 live in rented accommodation. But many complain that renting is too expensive and insecure to be a desirable alternative to home ownership.

what the parties will do about

Social Housing

There are many kinds of social housing — state houses, council flats, and housing provided by community organisations. But there isn’t enough to accommodate demand and relieve unprecedented pressure on emergency accommodation.